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"Supplemental Yet Essential

is a great read

with great information!"


Retired FDNY Lieutenant

9/11 Survivor/Motivational Speaker


Logos Presentations Nursing offers timely training for owners, administrators, directors, and nursing staff founded upon decades of combined experience in training, nursing, EMS, Crisis Care Counseling,

and senior care. This practical and affordable training boosts morale, limits liability, and saves lives!

Each 60 to 90-minute module below can be presented as a singular session or combined with other module elements for complete customization according to the needs of your facility, conference, or training requirements. Thank you for your interest and

desire to become better equipped.

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Judy Salisbury's 2023 book,

Supplemental Yet Essential,

is complete, containing all four modules for those

unable to attend an in-person training.

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Avoid Revolving-Door Whiplash:

 A Fresh Approach to Retention and Success

This lively, eye-opening, and informative workshop brings to light areas that can sabotage success for members of our nursing staff, which can bring about frustration and discouragement leading to an increase in turnover. Commonsense solutions for many of these often unspoken and unaddressed challenges are offered that help build confidence and hone skills to reverse course and lead to longevity of staff and an increase in quality care. Also addressed are special situations including how to interface more smoothly and successfully with 911 and EMS personnel from an EMS provider with tactical training and nursing experience.

Nutritionist Smiling
Healing Hands

From MODULE #1

Participants Will:

  1. Recognize important missing elements in training and why.

  2. Understand the danger of semantics that can unwittingly hinder quality care.

  3. Realize challenges and solutions when new staff members shadow others during training.

  4. Learn how asking key questions can save time, avoid common medication errors, and save lives.

  5. Interface more effectively with 911 and EMS personnel during emergencies.

  6. Gain important information if the unthinkable should happen to help save lives.


Building A Positive Work Environment:

It Begins With Staff

Each one of us has the responsibility and power to influence our environment for good, but sometimes that can be a challenge. In this fun, interactive workshop, Judy Salisbury shows you how to build memories not misery in our unique workplace. Judy teaches you how to leave your baggage or a bad day at the front door and how you can help others to do the same. Judy also exposes the unintentional impact confrontations can have on our staff and residents, which can actually lead to lawsuits, bad press, and unemployment. Also, learn how your organization can disembark from the harmful and hurtful gossip train.

Vitamins and pills
Doctors and nurses coordinate hands. Con

From MODULE #2

Participants Will:

  1. Build memories and not misery with effective tips for bringing employees together.

  2. Know how to avoid bullying between staff.

  3. Employ helpful strategies for dealing with gossip.

  4. View their co-workers in a positive, new light.

  5. Take responsibility for leaving their baggage/bad day at the front door.  

  6. Learn how a change of perspective can change a sour attitude.


A POA Perspective And

Bullying Prevention

With ten years of experience as the Power of Attorney for a loved one, Judy Salisbury provides invaluable insights from this unique perspective in her candid discussion on how to help make this relationship more successful. Judy outlines what to do and what not to do. Also addressed is the difficult issue of bullying among residents; what it is, how to understand why it can happen, and the various tactics used. Judy also offers solid counsel on what to do to prevent it, stop it if it's happening, and how to make the POA an ally in the process for a happier and safer environment for all.

Senior Woman Celebrating In Chair At Hom
Three Friends Laughing

From MODULE #3

Participants Will:

  1. See the POA or Family member as an ally.

  2. Realize what the POA/Family member gleans from watching, listening, and talking to staff.

  3. Have the ability to diffuse heated discussions graciously.

  4. Know what bullying is, how to stop it, and prevent it.

  5. Understand the various tactics the bully uses.

  6. Gain tips for creating a happier and safer environment.


A Commonsense Approach to Emotional Trauma and Why we ask "Why?”

Some life events can leave us depressed, despondent, and even suicidal but it can be especially hard for healthcare workers who suffer in silence. Also impacted by emotional trauma are our residents who feel the pain and loss of their former active life. With a commonsense approach, Judy Salisbury opens up an interactive discussion on the issue of Emotional Trauma; definition, recognition, and options, with hints and tips for helping yourself or others. Moving beyond cold erudition, this workshop also includes a candid, intuitive discussion on why we ask, “Why?” when we experience emotionally painful, life-altering events.

(NOTE: This module is also available for fire, EMS, law enforcement, military personnel, and general, secular, or faith-based audiences as either a workshop or keynote address.)

Sad and lonely senior man with nurse.jpg

From MODULE #4

Participants Will:

  1. Understand who can suffer from emotional trauma and why.

  2. Have the ability to spot the signs and symptoms.

  3. Realize why there is no "one size fits all" experience.

  4. Understand intuitive elements of emotional trauma.

  5. Gain helpful hints and tips for yourself and others.

  6. Recognize common threads to answer why we ask, "Why?"

"Thanks for taking time to help our caregivers and nurses do their job better. It was a lot of fun. I would recommend this training to any manager or employee that is interested in learning more about the bridge between EMS and Nursing. Your training made us think more critically about the way we deliver care and how we can innovate to become better at catching the early warning signs of an emergency situation. Thanks again!"

Justin Settlemier, Executive Director    

Woodland Care Center

Woodland, WA

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Judy Salisbury, Founder/President of Logos Presentations, has trained and motivated nationally on various topics and in multiple venues for over thirty years. Volunteering for her local fire department since 2005, this author of ten books (including Supplemental Yet Essential) serves as a firefighter and as the Crisis Care Counselor.  Judy served for seventeen years as an EMT and was certified as an EMS Evaluator/Educator for twelve years. Drawing from her EMS experience and from her time as a CNA/Med-Tech serving hospice, long-term care, rehab, and assisted living, along with a decade of experience as the POA for a loved one in a skilled nursing facility, she created the training program designed explicitly for nursing staff in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. Judy shares her unique, lively, informative, and relevant training for healthcare workers and conference participants from coast to coast.

"There's what you must know to pass the tests.
Then there's what you need to know for true success!"

Judy Salisbury


Logos Presentations


“Judy is full of life and to the point! The training on knowing and asking certain questions of our patients and understanding how important vital signs are makes me feel more competent.”

“Having us focus on the fact that we serve not just residents but patients really helped me. A lot of good information.”

“I feel the training really opened up some new and useful information. I now feel more comfortable when calling 911.”

"Judy's Emotional Trauma talk is real world training that acknowledges today's realities. It is not state data.

Judy is very open, frank, and candid in her honest and open discussion. Incredibly powerful."

“Talking to family members and how better to assess my patients in an emergency was really helpful.”

“This is a really good training that can open your eyes in new ways!”

“This training was great, I learned some new things. Judy can train on many topics!”

"I would like to say the Module #4 training was very helpful if you have been in a situation where someone you know,

or yourself, has had emotional trauma. It helps you to understand why people deal with trauma

in certain ways and some things you might be able to try to help or get help."

“I learned signs and symptoms, rapid assessment procedures, my role in emergency situations…it was great!”

“Very informative, and Judy truly has passion for helping people!”

“After Judy’s training I feel more able to help residents in an emergency and how to address a possible emergency.

The way she trained was clear and easy to understand.”

“The training left me wanting to learn more. The training on emergency response really helped me.

It was very informative, fun, and Judy really kept my attention.”


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